Proper maintenance, cleaning, and care can go a long way toward prolonging the life of your heating or air conditioning unit. That’s why Tey’s Lake Travis Air Conditioning has prepared a Homeowner Checklist of tips to help you keep your unit going long and strong, with fewer costly repair visits.

Homeowner’s Checklist

1.  Clean dirty air filters.

Inspect air filters monthly during seasons of peak use and replace or clean dirty filters. A dirty filter will restrict airflow to your system, decrease the quality of the air in your home, and cause your system to be inefficient.

2.  Inspect duct work.

Check your duct work. Disconnected ducts can result in heated or cooled air being distributed outside your home where it is not needed. Crushed ducts restrict airflow and reduce system efficiency. Seal leaks and insulate ducts to reduce energy loss.

3.  Clean air compressors and remove debris.

Clean off the outside air compressor. Keep all things (e.g., weeds and landscaping) away from the compressor so that it has free flow of air. To remove debris from the coil, use the spray of the fresh water. If the debris does not come off, call for a technician.

4.  Keep drain pans clean.

Check your condensation drain pans and keep them clean. Any mold or other growth should be killed using a 10:1 solution of bleach. Spray, clean and rinse with fresh water.

5.  Ask us about seasonal maintenance.

Have regular seasonal maintenance performed on your system. Hire an air conditioning and heating professional to inspect your home’s heating and cooling systems for proper functioning prior to the season of use.

Have more questions about maintenance? Just give us a call.